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Bali Jepun Wedding International
Phone+62 81 805 694 622
Company AddressJl. Pulau Adi Utama 50 A,
Denpasar, Bali - 80114

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Wedding Planner – Organizer

Bali Jepun Wedding International itself was founded on January 11, 2005 with the earnest intention born of her personal experience on her own wedding day. Her wedding day was not memorable and also not well-organized, particularly due to inappropriate timings and logistics arrangement. It was a horrible experience that she cannot forget for the rest of her life, and her disappointment fueled her desire to become a professional wedding planner. She dreamed of being able to arrange a special wedding event that would stay in the memories of the people present at the wedding.

Bali Jepun Wedding International has been running for more than a decade. Its motto is: The perfect wedding is our commitment to you and our goal in taking care of your big day. Up until today, BJWI has successfully organized thousands of special wedding days which cannot possibly be mentioned one by one on this website. Of thousands of clients who have entrusted BJWI with their special day, many are high-profile clients, celebrities from within the country and international celebrities.

A number of images displayed on this website are only a small part of pictures taken from the various events and weddings that have been successfully handled by Dyan together with the entire team of Bali Jepun Wedding International.

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